5 Tips on Choosing Phone Unlocking Services

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5 Tips on Choosing Phone Unlocking Services by Gerald Adams

You’ve probably heard the term “unlocking phones” in techie magazines or news. What exactly is an unlocked phone and why is it such a big thing? First of all, I’d like you to think of the time you first bought a phone. Was your phone tied to a particular network for a period of time? If you answer no, then you’re pretty lucky, but if you answer yes, then you already know how unpractical having a phone tied to a single network is. You won’t be able to use your new phone using other network’s Sim Card!

This is where unlocking comes in. When you unlock phone or debloquer telephone (in French), then you have the freedom to use other network providers on your phone. Although this type of service may seem kind of sketchy at first, you’ll discover that it is a useful service. Of course, there are service providers that don’t do their jobs well and end up harming the phones’ hardware instead. This is why you have to choose a reputable service provider. In this article, I will provide you with some tips on how to choose a good phone unlocking service.

Choosing Phone Unlocking Services – Tip 1: Know the Difference Between Phones that Need Sim Cards and Phones that Do not

Did you know that there are phones that require Sim Cards and there are phones that don’t? Why exactly is this important to know? The phones that need Sim Cards and the ones that don’t will require different unlocking methods! To understand more, let’s discuss both types.

First, let’s talk about the phones that need Sim Cards. Most of the cellphones available in the market need Sim Cards from network providers so that you can call, send SMS, or use mobile data. The newest trend nowadays is that when you get a new phone, it is usually tied to a certain network provider for a period of time which means that you can only use a Sim Card from that particular network provider. If you try putting the Sim Card of another provider in your phone, it won’t work.

The other type of phone is the one that doesn’t require a Sim Card. These are the CDMA phones like Verizon or certain models of iPhone. Let’s take the iPhone as an example because most people are familiar with this. The iPhone 4 in particular does not make use of a Sim Card which means that the phone is stuck with a particular network that is embedded inside the system. If you want to change your inlock iPhone, then it takes a completely different process.

Tip 2: Know How They Do it

Even if you are going to hire an expert to unlock your phone, the least that you should do is to find out how they’re going to unlock it. Do some research on how the process goes so that in the event wherein a provider is a bit sketchy, then you won’t get fooled because you know how the process is done.

As stated above, there are two kinds of phones: the ones that need Sim Cards and the ones that don’t. For the phones with Sim Cards, all you have to do is enter a few codes in the phone’s settings, and you can already switch Sim Cards of different network providers.

Phone Unlocking Services

For the ones that don’t need Sim Cards, things might be a bit more difficult. Since the settings of a network provider have already been embedded into the phone’s system, you can’t just switch network providers whenever you want to. You are going to have to reprogram the phone so that you can use other networks.

Tip 3: Use Trusted Service Providers

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to find trusted service providers who really know comment debloquer un telephone. If you’re looking for a reliable and high quality phone unlocking service provider, you better check and research reputable and trusted service providers on the internet first. There are a lot of stores that provide these types of services but only few can deliver a high quality output. Go for the ones that have professional looking websites and a number of experts working for them.

Tip 4: Ask Friends for Referrals

Another way to find a good service provider is to ask your friends. There is at least one of them who have tried to unlock his or her phone. Ask a friend who unlocked a phone before and get some feedback and recommendations.

Tip 5: Make Sure your Service Provider has a Warranty

Always make sure that your service provider has some sort of warranty. There are a lot of cases wherein a customer goes to a shop to unlock his phone, and later notices some problems after a week (e.g. lagging, hanging, etc.). In order to avoid any unnecessary complication, go to a shop that offers a warranty so that if anything happens to your phone, you can bring it back for a repair.

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