5 Best Android Apps Launched in September

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Play store is loaded with plenty of apps—some useful, some useless. Every month, many new apps are launched in the Play store, which makes it hard to keep track of useful apps. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best Android apps that were launched in the month of September. Lay your eyes on them and try them out!


5 Best Android Apps Launched in September

Moves automatically tracks your everyday life, and all you need to do is to simply carry your phone around. This location tracking app keeps a record of where you go, how much you walk, run and cycle and then presents the data in a simple and useful way. The app also recognizes places in your daily life such as home or office. You can then know what changes you need to make for a healthier life.

  • Moves



Simplenote is a popular productivity app that was acquired by WordPress-owner Automattic. The app is free and helps in keeping notes, lists, and ideas. If you don’t like signing-up, then you can even get started without any registration. But if you do sign-up, then your notes will get synced to different platforms, including iOS, Kindle and web versions.

  • Simplenote


Are you a soccer fan? If yes, then you should definitely try out FIFA 14. Developed by EA, the icing on the cake is that this game is available for free on Android and iOS platform.

Last year, FIFA 13 was available at a price of $6.99, but thankfully to try out FIFA 2014, you won’t need to shell out a single penny. The game will be targeting the revenue from in-app purchases such as FIFA points, premium unlock, and more.

  • FIFA 14


Foap is a social photo app that allows you to sell your photos. With this app, you can start selling photos to thousands of photo buyers worldwide, and make $5 each time that your photo is licensed. You can also upload photos through apps like Instagram, Photo Express, Social Cam, Eyeem or Camera plus.



Hotspotio allows users to share their own—or use other people’s—Internet connection in exchange for some favor. Sharing WiFi lets you define what kind of favor you want in return for being so kind. Do you want a hug, a like on Facebook or something else? The app also allows users to share portable WiFi hotspots directly from their phone (which is also known as tethering).

  • Hotspotio

We hope these new Android apps interest you. Have you come across some other awesome app that’s launched recently? Then let us know about it in the comments below.

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