4 Businesses That Have Taken Innovation To New Levels

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As the business landscape continues to change, getting the attention of consumers has become more of a challenge than ever before.  More businesses are moving operations online and finding better ways to reach out to consumers with the hopes of luring them in to help with the overall profits of the business.  Besides being able to grow your business, being innovative in your industry is also a great way to ensure that you are going to be in business for the long term and remain competitive at the same time.  Here we discuss four businesses that are taking innovation to a new level.

Home Security

When it comes to keeping your family and your home safe, there is one company that is making that process easier.   The system is affordable and comes with everything you need to create a safe space in your home.  The company also offers additional sensors and sirens should you want to protect more than what is minimally recommended.  By adding the keychain remote, home owners are able to control the entire system, or hit the “panic” button remotely, bringing home security innovation to the next level.

2. Tesla Motors – Energy

Creating ways to get power to cities and their residents has been the goal of many companies over the last 100 years.  Tesla is one company that might have a few things figured out, and with the innovation of the home battery, the company is bringing innovation to the next level, as well as very fast growth in the market.  Besides the energy side of the company, Tesla is also home to the guy that wants to get people to Mars by 2027 and is developing an electric car that is bound to reduce emissions in large cities around the world some day.

3. The Sacramento Kings Basketball Team – Fan Experience

At first, it might seem unusual that a basketball team is listed as an innovative company, but the Sacramento Kings professional basketball team has taken the overall fan experience to another level through innovation.  Sports is a huge industry with many fans spending millions of dollars each year to enjoy them.  Bringing the fan experience up a notch is a great way to ensure consumers are getting value for their money.  With a brand new arena, there was a certain amount of technology involved in bringing the experience for fans to a new level.  Open concepts, great lighting, green spaces and 100% of the power coming from solar are all things that make the Sacramento Kings an innovative company.

4. GoEuro – Booking Platform

Getting a ticket, renting a car or even finding a hotel room has been getting easier each year.  Companies are taking to the internet to find ways to reach customers and offer them the best rates they can get anywhere.  GoEuro has moved planes, trains and automobiles into one platform that allows consumers to make quick decisions when it comes to travel.  Traveling through Europe is now easier than ever thanks to the innovation that GoEuro has applied to their transportation search engine.

Here you can see a very short list of the companies that are taking innovation to the next level.  With so many different industries out there today, the room for innovation in each of them is growing.  It is encouraging other companies to do similar in order to remain competitive.

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