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3 Arrested In Holland Tunnel Transporting Loaded Handguns, Rifles

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New York City police officers pulled over a car with a cracked windshield on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel around 8AM local time and found a cache of loaded pistols, rifles, and bullet-proof vests. According to NBC 4, the three which were promptly arrested were making the trip through the Holland Tunnel from New Jersey to New York.

Among the weapons found when a search of the car was made were an number of pistols, a shotgun and a scoped rifle with extra magazines for each. Additionally, a number of knives and bullet proof vests were found in the vehicle.

Police have described those arrested as two men in their 50s and a woman in her thirties and said they may have traveled from Pennsylvania.

Nearly 100,000 cars pass through the tunnel connecting the two states each day.

3 Arrested In Holland Tunnel Transporting Loaded Handguns, Rifles


Two senior unnamed law enforcement officials have now gone on record as saying that each of the three were arrested were “gun enthusiasts” with no known links to terrorism. In addition to the ballistic vests, a camouflage helmet equipped with night vision goggles was also found in the car. The police are reporting that there doesn’t appear to be any danger.

The police also found unspecified drugs in plain view in the car. One of the suspects apparently told the police that the three were on their way to Queens in the hope of rescuing a friend they said is on heroin and being held against her will. Police are reported to be investigating the address the group was on the way to in order to help their friend if their is any validity to their stated intent.

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