20 Trillion in Debt – Where Are The Rating Agencies? (Video)

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We discuss the $20 Trillion National Debt and climbing, and think this is the big crisis on the horizon for Financial Markets, the Debt Crisis. The question should be for investors is where are all the Ratings Agencies since the US Government Strong Armed Standard & Poor`s for doing their job and warning about the rising US National Debt, which has gotten noticeably worse by a substantial margin since the initial downgrade by S&P.

We think this is the catalyst for the entire collapse of the financial system, as the US has become a sub-prime borrower with an out of control spending problem by any debt metric you cross reference in an analysis. The US has no ability to pay off this debt, and is going to default at its current pace of debt accumulation within 10 years.

Furthermore, low interest rates has massively enabled this problem to get severely worse, not just in the United States, but the rest of the World. We have a Global Debt Crisis right now that nobody is talking about except a few people, and this is the BIG SHORT. The Global Financial System right now is a house of cards, and the Global Debt Issue is what brings down Financial Markets this Time. When will we ever learn from our mistakes?

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