John Bogle: Investment Philosophy and Creating Vanguard

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Published on Jun 9, 2017

An interview and Q&A with the founder of Vanguard, John C. Bogle. In this interview John discusses his investment philosophy and how the average person should invest. John also talks about creating Vanguard and how he came up with the idea.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:19 What is going to happen to equity and fixed income in 2015?
9:04 Why start Vanguard?
15:26 Did you have a vision at the start of Vanguard about how to make it successful?
20:42 What started the momentum of Vanguard?
25:13 How did you create such a good customer service?
31:14 How did you create your management team?
37:33 Thoughts on activist investors?
46:20 Do we need new regulation to protect the average investor?
53:22 Start of Q&A
53:47 Opinion of smart beta funds and consumer financial protection agency?
56:38 Your prediction on inflation and can the US handle its deficit?
1:03:27 Where should a 70 year old invest their money?

Interview Date: 21st April, 2015
Event: The Aspen Institute
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