17.6 Krypton: Here Is How To Clear Kodi Cache

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Kodi is a fully-featured media center that offers a convenient way to access all of your content through a variety of means, but there are some problems that can crop up that can make this convenient method a little frustrating. Here’s a quick guide on how to clear your Kodi cache while watching your videos on the latest 17.6 Krypton update in order to get rid of errors and get back to watching your favorite movies and shows.

There are two main ways in which you can clear your Kodi cache, which we’ve included below courtesy of Redmondpie.

Clear Kodi Cache Using Ares Wizard

To clear the Kodi cache using Ares Wizard, you’ll have to already have the repository installed on your device in order to move forward with the method. If you don’t have it downloaded, go ahead and do that before you start following the steps on this list.

Once you’ve downloaded the Ares Wizard utility, simply follow the process below

  1. Navigate to the Program Add-Ons area of your Kodi installation and launch the Ares Wizard. Once you’ve done so, you should select the Tweaks option. At this point, select the “Advanced Settings Wizard” which should now be visible under these new options.
  2. You’ll see a rather long warning which you should make sure to read in order to understand how Ares Wizard could affect your device. Continue to move forward by clicking the Next button, followed by Generate Settings. You’ll then get a full list of options regarding the Kodi cache.
  3. Take the Video Cache Size slider at the top of all the sliders on the page and then slide it all to the left – effectively minimizing the size of your Kodi cache. Click “Apply” and then select “OK” to confirm.
  4. Reset your device to complete the clearing of the Kodi cache.

At this point, your Kodi cache should be cleared and you won’t get another error message for quite some time.

Clear Kodi Cache using Simply Caz Wizard

Similar to the process with the Ares wizard, you’ll have to have the Simply Caz Wizard installed before moving forward with the process to clear your Kodi Cache.

Once the Simply Caz Wizard is installed, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Program Add-ons and click on the Simply Caz Wizard option
  2. Find and click on the Maintenance option and then click the Cleaning tools button.
  3. Simply select “Clear Cache” and confirm the instructions in the next popup window.
  4. Restart your device

Either of these two methods will work just fine to help you clear your Kodi cache. The Simply Caz wizard option is a little more straightforward, so beginners may be best suited with that tool. Regardless, either one you download should be pretty easy to get a handle on so you can clear your cache and get back to using your Kodi media center as intended.

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