15 Egyptian Guards Killed by Terrorists Near Israeli Border

15 Egyptian Guards Killed by Terrorists Near Israeli Border
3dman_eu / Pixabay

An Egyptian security official has reportedly said masked gunmen (Update: who are now said to be Bedouins) have murdered 13 border guards with automated guns and firearms installed on vehicles. The gunmen attacked a check-post of Egyptian border near Gaza and Israel.

State TV said the attack was performed by militants, however, no reports have been released regarding their identity.

It is reported that the attack took place at the time when the border guards were having their traditional meal of the Ramadan fast.

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As reported by the HuffingtonPost, “The official said clashes left 13 Egyptian border guards dead. He said the attackers seized an armored vehicle before driving away. He spoke on condition of anonymity, because he was not allowed to speak to reporters.”

15 Egyptian Guards Killed by Terrorists Near Israeli Border
Source: Pixabay

However, IDF spokesperson on its Twitter account said:

Breaking: Terrorists in Sinai killed ~15 Egyptian soldiers, stole 2 of their vehicles & tried to infiltrate into #Israel.

Here are some more tweets on it:

This attack could be major turning point for Egypt after 10-15 soldiers killed. Now, global jihad is not just threat to #Israel but also Egypt.

While #IDF thinks situation under control, residents of Eshkol Belt still asked to remain inside homes. #Jpost

We are awaiting more information on this raid, and as it comes available, we will keep you informed. This is yet another incident in the Middle East, where the current civil war within Syria already has tensions rising.

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