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13 Clever Gift Ideas For Coworkers In 2021

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Shopping for coworkers is tricky, especially when Christmas comes around. With so many people to buy for already, the people you work with probably aren’t your top priority. Chances are, though, all you need is some inspiration.

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Check out this round-up of 13 great gift ideas, including funny, thoughtful, and personalized gifts for coworkers.

  1. Personalized AirPods Case

If your colleague already has earphones they love, then a personalized AirPods case is the perfect gift. Available in sophisticated color pallets and with beautifully inscribed initials, they show a genuine and personal touch. Buy these monogram leather cases in a range of shades to sort your shopping for the whole office.

  1. Desktop Tetherball

Bring a sense of fun into the office by gifting your coworker a desktop tetherball set. It might seem like a simple gift, but it has the power to improve even the most boring working days. Plus, you might get to take part in any desktop tetherball tournaments that take place during lunch.

  1. Desk Fan

There’s always someone in the office who can’t keep their hands off the thermostat. You can help to keep them cool with a desktop fan. You could even consider buying it in your coworker’s favorite color if you wanted the gift to be more thoughtful.

  1. Headphones

If you know anyone who struggles to focus when they’re in the office, noise-canceling headphones could help. They’ll allow your coworker to keep their head in the game even when the workplace is bustling.

  1. Coffee Hamper

There are probably a few people in your office who can’t go a day without coffee. So, they’ll surely love a coffee hamper. With a range of exciting coffee blend samples and other treats, a suitable hamper will be a hit with your coffee-loving colleagues.

  1. Portable Keyboard

Many offices have shifted towards more flexible working arrangements. So, why not give a gift that will make that shift a little smoother? Portable ergonomic keyboards that fold away are easy to store, transport, and connect to any device. As such, they are ideal for colleagues who work outside the office more often than they used to.

  1. Storm Glass

Desktop storm glass clouds are fascinating things. These little glass clouds contain a special liquid that reacts to changes in the atmosphere. They also brighten up any desk. So, they’re great for anyone interested in meteorology or a love of all things quirky.

  1. Wireless Phone Charger

Offices always seem to be flush with tangled wires. To ensure your colleagues’ chargers don’t get lost in the chaos, gift them wireless phone charging stations. There are plenty of eye-catching ones that make great presents, including stylish wooden wireless chargers.

  1. Back Support Cushion

Most workers who spend their days hunched over a laptop will deal with work-related back pain at some point. If you know of anybody already struggling, they would probably benefit from a back support cushion. While they’re maybe not the most exciting gifts, they’ll certainly appreciate the thought.

  1. Monogram Laptop Case

For coworkers that lug around their laptops all day, a monogram bag for their laptop is an ideal gift idea. With a personalized case, they’ll never be in doubt about which laptop is theirs. And, they’ll look far more professional and trendy, too.

  1. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are great workplace presents. Ideal for coworkers who miss their families or want to remind themselves of a recent vacation. They're easy to upload and display high-quality photos.

  1. Fidget Cube

Far from being just for kids, adults can benefit from fidget cubes, too. During stressful workdays, this six-sided sensory toy gives workers an outlet for their anxious energy. So, it can improve focus. If there’s anyone in your office who struggles to keep their mind focused, it’s likely to be a well-received gift.

  1. Monogram Leather Notebook

A leather notebook with monogram initials is such a thoughtful present. Classy, personal, and valuable as well, there are sure to be plenty of people in your office who would love a monogrammed notebook. Buy them in your coworkers’ favorite colors for the best-monogrammed gifts going.