12 Business Lessons From Fiction

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Sometimes companies, brands, and businesses can have huge successes that people will remember, or on the other hand, they can have even bigger failures that people will find hard to forget. We often look to business leaders or entrepreneurs to understand their leadership style and management strategy, and we can also learn business lessons from their success stories or from their mistakes. But it’s not just real life businesses who we can take notice of, fictional businesses also make mistakes!

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Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory may seem like a fun place to work but there are several health and safety dangers which in the real world would result in accident claims. Wonka Industries shows just how important it is to follow health and safety regulations to protect the public from workplace dangers. And it’s not just breaching health and safety laws that some fictional businesses are guilty of. In Chicken Run, Mrs. Tweedy forces her chickens to produce eggs and kills those who fail to produce enough. Due to these conditions, the chickens hatch a plan to escape the farm leaving Mrs. Tweedy with no business! Moral of the story – produce your products ethically!

Not all fictional businesses make mistakes, some are successful! Wayne Enterprises, one of the biggest fictional companies to lead in success in the fictional world. When workload becomes too much for Bruce Wayne, he appoints Lucius Fox as his business partner. Although this may seem risky, it all works out for the best because Bruce and Lucius have a good friendship so they can both trust each other. Other fictional companies simply show true leadership by adapting and changing their business operations; in the popular Pixar film Monsters Inc, Sully and Mike prove that there are other ways to generate the city's electricity by finding out that laughter works even better than screams! This demonstrates why businesses shouldn’t be stuck in their ways of how they operate.

Leading employee benefits provider Unum has taken a look at the fictional business world from both popular television and film and picked out the 12 biggest business lessons that can be learned. It may surprise you just how relevant and applicable they are to the real world. From the Looney Tunes ACME Corporation to futuristic Weyland-Yutani, take a look below at some examples of business lessons from other fictional businesses that you could apply to your business or workplace.

12 Of The Biggest Business Lessons From Fiction

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