11-12-13: The Last Day We’ll See A Three-Number Run For A Long Time

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Tomorrow marks an interesting date, for most of the world, anyway. It’s 11-12-13, or Dec. 11, 2013. Of course here in the U.S., we have to do things differently, so we enjoyed this 11-12-13 date last month: Nov. 12, 2013.

So what’s the significance of this string of numbers? It’s more than just a date. And as Wills Robinson of the Daily Mail notes, this will be the last time we’ll see three numbers in a row like this for nearly 90 years.

Is 11-12-13 a lucky day?

The Times of India reports that many people see tomorrow as special, particularly since not everyone will live to see the next day we have three numbers in a row. That next day will be on 1/2/3, which would be Jan. 2, 2103 in the U.S. and Feb. 1, 2103 in most of the rest of the world. That’s 89 years from now. As a result, many people are planning to get married tomorrow since there won’t be another date like it for nearly another century. Wedding halls in India were apparently booked up a long time ago. In the U.S., there were apparently 3,000 weddings planned on Nov. 12 of this year (11-12-13 in the U.S.), compared to less than 400 on the same date last year.

The hospitals in India have also been getting calls from parents who want their babies to be born on the day. Some hospitals told the site that they were scheduling some deliveries—if the mothers’ health was up for the delivery and the babies are far enough along. However, others said they don’t believe in making advance delivery bookings.

Prize offered for best celebration

The Daily Mail reports that a retired California teacher is even offering a prize to the person or people who come up with the most unique way to commemorate 11-12-13 (interesting that he’s in the U.S.). Ron Gordon is judging the competition, calling it “noughts and crosses day” on his website because of the three numbers in a row. Gordon plans to give $1,112.13 to whoever he decides has the most creative way to mark Wednesday’s date. That amount may be spread among multiple winners. He said they like to see “a lot of different people taking an interest in patterns in numbers” but that they don’t get a lot of entries. He’s hoping for at least 36 of them.

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