10 Questions For Nassim Taleb

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Nassim Taleb rarely does interviews, so when he does them I always make sure to watch them.

I just found one today which seems to be fairly recent. Any regular reader of Value Walk knows that despite my opinion that Taleb is arrogant, he is one of the greatest thinkers of our time. Taleb has three books, but The Black Swan stands out as the best, and is required reading for all Value Walk readers.

Below are some highlights:

Taleb thinks that CNBC and constant financial media “burns investors out”.

Taleb sees a debt crisis coming up. All the managers have the potential of upside gains but no downside risk.

He also talks about “black swans” and how they are beneficial sometimes.

Below is the full video:

TIME 10 Questions – Nassim Taleb from Tommy Peters on Vimeo.

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