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10 Must-Have eCommerce Revenue Tools for 2023

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The eCommerce space underwent a series of disruptions in leaps and bounds over the last several years. As the age of digitalization progresses, consumer demands unequivocally increase, leaving companies relentlessly scouring for cutting-edge tools here and there.

The market evolution proved that traditional business models are no longer fit to deliver efficient and effective solutions that propel companies to survive and thrive.

To bridge this gap, several key players in the B2B sector jump into the scene, providing advanced solutions to fulfill end-to-end experiences and accelerate revenue growth for businesses.

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10 Must-Have eCommerce Revenue Tools

Here are 10 must-have eCommerce revenue tools for 2023:


As far as lifestyle brands go, renovai offers a state-of-the-art AI-powered shopping assistance solution to make the life of designers convenient and easy.

Founded in 2019, the company’s team is committed to overhauling the future of online shopping experience with minimal integration time and maximal personalized interactions.

With their unique expertise in CX, UX/UI, architecture and interior design, styling, and all things eCommerce, renovai helps customers by delivering a range of options that they need using their Correlated Deep Tagging technology.

Every customer’s shopping experience is hyper-personalized, giving them exactly what they want through easy product discovery and real-time visual AI solutions.


Tymely has noticed a clear lack of nuanced customer support to propel revenue growth in eCommerce businesses. From customer agent errors to inefficient bots, the inadequacies of both humans and AI have been glaring.

Founded in 2020, Tymely’s goal is to revamp customer service with its advanced AI-human hybrid technology.

Tymely handles email support in minutes without compromising rapport, hyper-personal responses, and empathy. This solution leads to 100% accuracy, 5-minute first resolution time, easy surge management, and customer service visibility.

A human verification team quality-checks AI’s response to ensure that customers get appropriate action from their queries, saving time and delivering satisfaction.

Mine Privacy Ops

Privacy and security are two challenges that pose massive threats to industries all across the board, with eCommerce as the most vulnerable.

From hacking, data phishing, and breaches, companies are now implementing protective measures to keep their business and clients safe. Mine Privacy Ops is one startup that offers the tools to make data privacy rights accessible to enterprises and consumers.

Established in 2018, Mine Privacy Ops gathered a team of experienced and dedicated experts in the fields of cybersecurity, consumer technology, and venture capital to develop a comprehensive privacy suite of offers.

They provide a scalable privacy infrastructure, simplifying consumers’ access to data. It allows users to create automated workflows with maximal consent and privacy request management, data mapping, ROPA, and risk assessment.


Grabbing customers’ attention is paramount in pushing sales forward. From rate conversions, product demos, to potential returning clients, drawing clients to a company’s website is an undertaking that’s often neglected.

eCommerce companies in particular find it difficult to entice users with promotions without veering them away from their actual products. HelloBar bridges this gap.

With a bar that sits at the top of a business site, HelloBar has the technological capability to convert visitors into leads, subscribers, and buyers.

When it comes to its UI, it doesn’t consume a huge amount of space making it a subtle communication sales tool. What’s more, it provides A/B testing so companies can determine which content encourages the most action from users.


When it comes to lead generation software, OptinMonster is ahead of the pack in converting prospects into sales to boost revenue growth. It uses a behavior automation platform to help companies unlock maximum revenue from each website visitor by reducing cart abandonment and improving sales conversions.

On average, 67.91% of carts are abandoned, making sales processes tedious and inefficient, yielding disappointing outputs. With OptinMonster’s advanced solutions, companies are now capable of onsite retargeting and pageview increase.

Other eCommerce businesses attest that 95,654 names are added on their email list with the help of OptinMonster’s Exit Intent technology.


Streamlining the right advertising and product to the right audience at the right time makes or breaks a sale. And as far as eCommerce goes, utilizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads is paramount in maximizing opportunities in finding prospects that could potentially convert.

AdEspresso is an excellent tool that enables companies to create dynamic ads with easy and accessible processes.

AdEspresso also allows users to set customization rules that pause underperforming ads and further optimize the best ones, improving the company’s campaign performance.

What’s more, lead ads are easily integrated into CRM and targets can quickly be reached via email marketing to accelerate conversion rates in no time.


Establishing a strong online presence is the fuel for eCommerce success. As digitalization further advances, the need for an easy, convenient, and hyper-personalized shopping experience is a deal breaker for consumers. Shopify is a versatile, all-around tool that transforms businesses into a haven for digital shopping.

Its robust features include storefront design and customization, CRM, email marketing, multi-channel marketing, inventory management, multi-store management, returns management, and SEO management.


One of the most efficient ways of increasing business revenue is selling on different channels. While it has a proven track record of success, managing multi-channel sales is daunting, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

Veeqo bridges this gap as a user-friendly, highly efficient all-in-one inventory and fulfillment management tool.

In layman’s terms, Veeqo is a free shipping software that does more than print labels. From picking, packing, and shipping, orders are now taken care of via smart automation and state-of-the-art inventory tools. It brings all business channels under one roof for easier, more convenient, and faster sales processes.


For most businesses, time is the biggest obstacle in fully seizing revenue growth. For eCommerce in particular, getting the tools that can boost productivity and lessen downtime is a must. Kin comes into the picture as it eradicates all the tedious administrative and back-office tasks so businesses can focus on more important activities that require urgency.

Kin is a handy assistant for HR people, allowing companies to further invest in their biggest asset: the people. What’s more, all employee-related filing and documentation are integrated into a user-friendly cloud-enabled platform, from seamless onboarding, employee data and file management, scheduling, performance reviews, and time-off management.

Zendesk Chat

Consumer interaction is an integral part of the sales process. From answering queries, offering solutions, to delivering selling points, real-time live-chat software is vital for every eCommerce business. Zendesk Chat allows companies to be proactive with customer engagement through a customized chat badge installed on their website.

Zendesk Chat is ideal for startups to get on the right foot; small and medium businesses to grow revenue with ease, and large enterprises to have conversations at scale.

What’s more, its conversational CRM solution allows companies to create long-lasting relationships with customers, boosting revenue growth and a bulletproof client-based network.