10 Most Expensive Cars (You Can NEVER Afford) [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Since their invention, cars has been the joy of many men and women who dreams to conquer the road in the most advanced and prestigious machine. In today’s world, cars are a symbol of status, power and success.

What many people don’t know, is that there is a market for cars that just a few could afford. Cars you will never see at your local Honda or Toyota car dealer. These are the best of the best. The most expensive cars right now.
In the following Infographic you will learn which are the most expensive cars. For many of them, the value is in the fact that only a few were built. For others, they are made from precious materials, like gold.

More than their purpose, cars are status symbols. They define how rich a person is and the amount of power and influence that goes with it. It takes a lot of conditions for cars to be considered truly expensive, though. Performance factors like speed, acceleration, and horsepower play huge roles in defining the car’s price. Modifications, customizations, car history, and rarity also add value when it comes to auctions.

Go ahead and enjoy this list, and if you ever come across one of them, remember to take pictures and let us know!

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