Zynga Inc Launches Scrabble-like Words On Tour

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Zynga released a new word game called Words on Tour, which is a globe-trotting spinoff of the earlier word game. This release has come three months after the release of New Words With Friends, and is really nothing but a revamped version of Words With Friends.

About the game

Words on Tour is a word-building game where the player is required to form words on the game board using adjacent letter tiles, and this way the player solves the puzzle.

The game offers its players a limited number of moves, and for completing the puzzle the player has to perform any of the two tasks. Either he or she has to collect a certain number of tiles or has to solve the phrases about the current destination. Destinations like Paris, Tokyo, Cairo and San Francisco have their maps featured in the game from Zynga.

The game has a theme of world travel, and the player has to pass through several real-world obstacles that come their way such as road blocks and bad weather. The players also get the opportunities of discovering fun facts on their way as they pass through famous world landmarks.

Zynga trying different things to give a hit

The new word game from Zynga, Words On Tour, has taken several styles from different games. The style of word-building has been taken from Boggle, and the style of phrase-solving has been taken from Wheel of Fortune. Moreover, the style of level progression has been taken from Candy Crush Saga.

Just like all other games from Zynga, Words on Tour also includes social gaming features. Such features allow the player to compare their progress with their friends, and also share extra lives with them. The game is enjoyable because it comes with a combination of familiar game play modes as well as an interesting travel theme.

It is a puzzle-based, free-to-download game to compete with Scrabble-like mobile games. The game can be downloaded from the App store on the iOS devices and via Google Play on Android devices. The new game from Zynga is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later, but is not yet available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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