Zynga Inc Unveils New Mobile Empires & Allies RTS Game

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Zynga recently launched Empires & Allies for the Android and the iOS mobile devices. Empire and Allies for mobile is essentially a real-time strategy game, and has more realistic graphics than its desktop counterpart.

Empire and Allies aim to satisfy traditional RTS gamers

The new game is developed by Mark Skaggs, who claimed that the motive behind creating it was to “take the classic RTS experience and bring it to mobile.” Skaggs is credited with developing games such as FarmVille and CityVille for the company.

One of the main features of the game is the ability to connect with friends. Players can utilize in-game chat options to formulate strategies with friends or can activate another feature of the game called Strike Force that enables a user to allocate allies to a particular location. Skaggs notes that the main aim is to satisfy users of traditional strategy games. That said, he is also hoping to attract a new kind of audience with this game.

Of note, users will have to defend their bases by constructing new defenses and adding more units to their forces, both of which could be achieved by collecting various resources. The game has a time system, which means that these resources will appear at certain intervals. The time system is mainly created to ensure that the players keep coming back to the game. Moreover, gameplay requires a player to build a military base comprising foot soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and warplanes. Zynga promises “over-the-top, Hollywood-style explosions” and more.

Crucial for Zynga

This new title is going to be crucial for Zynga, which is struggling to adjust to the transition to mobile phones. Don Mattick, who was appointed as CEO in 2013, recently left the company. The social gaming company is also experiencing a significant decrease in its user base. In 2014, the company suffered a loss of $224 million, and cut some jobs in a management restructuring.

Amid ongoing restructuring and the reinstatement of ex-CEO Mark Pincus, the company is looking to benefit from its latest development. Apart from the Empire and Allies, Zynga is expecting to launch other games such as Dawn of Titans, Farmville: Harvest Swap and a match three game targeted at the Candy Crush audience.

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