The ZLINK Hub Helps Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

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The ZLINK Smart Home Hub is here to revolutionize your home and change it into a full-fledged smart home…

A revolutionary concept of sorts, the ZLINK Smart Home Hub brings voice control to your home and allows you to add voice control for all devices in your house- door locks, lighting, thermostats etc. ZLINK Smart Home Hub, which is a new Indiegogo project, works out the voice control via Amazon Echo.

Indiegogo has come out with details about this project on its website. The website post says- “This super-affordable hub allows you to easily add voice control for devices like lighting, thermostats, door locks…The heart of ZLINK is a revolutionary low-cost hub that is self-contained, powered by any USB power supply that allows you to voice control your home automation devices via Amazon Echo. ”

A notable thing about the product is that it would run even when the computer in the house is shut down. ZLINK, the IoT (Internet of Things) team that has developed the  ZLINK Smart Home Hub, bases the device on the Z-Wave protocol, a technology that is used by the best of smart home products. The Indiegogo website offers an explanation on why Z-Wave has been chosen for the  ZLINK Smart Home Hub- “It is our choice, as Z-Wave offers over 2100 products from 600 companies. This gives you, the customer, a great selection and lower price point for a whole host of devices. Z-Wave is safe, secure, robust, and is only getting better.” In future, however, the ZLINK team plans to expand the device and also include other technologies like Bluetooth, BLE, and Mesh.

A detailed post on Digital Trends discusses the ZLINK Smart Home Hub in detail. The post says- “Hanging its hat on simplicity, the Zlink is but a fraction of the size of other smart home hubs, including Amazon’s Echo devices. About the size of a USB stick, the Zlink hub allows Amazon Alexa to communicate with an thereby control Z-Wave products. ” The post further says- “The low-cost hub (it’s less than $20) is entirely self-contained, and simply needs a USB power supply to grant you voice control of various smart home devices. Zlink is also offering a couple of plug-in smart home devices, including a dimmer and a switch, which will help turn even non-smart devices into easily voice-controlled appliances.”

The ZLINK team has set an initial goal of $50,000, which they intend to raise on Indiegogo. Once that goal is attained and the application to Amazon for the “Works with Alexa” certification is completed, the team would start working on integrating the product with Google Home Assistant.

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