YouTube Uploading Option Coming To Xbox One

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Xbox One users will be able to upload videos on YouTube starting tomorrow. This change will make it easier for users to upload their videos directly on the website. Previously, users would have to upload the video to a folder on OneDrive.

Xbox makes it easy for users to upload video content

The Xbox One upload feature will come tomorrow in an update. The Xbox 360 GoPro app will be available tomorrow as well.

The official blog for Xbox One recently shared the following: “Game DVR and Upload are among the most used apps on Xbox One. We know how important it is to be able to easily watch and share video clips, and starting tomorrow we’re rolling out an update to the YouTube app on Xbox One that integrates Game DVR and Upload with YouTube**, making it easier than ever to capture and share game clips with the world. Now, use Game DVR to capture epic gaming moments, edit them in Upload Studio, and, with the simple click of a button inside the YouTube app (look for My Uploads**), share them instantly to your YouTube channel. The updated YouTube experience also allows you to watch YouTube videos in Snap Mode, add individual YouTube videos to your Pins, earn Media Achievements, and add your YouTube channels to OneGuide for instant access to YouTube videos right next to your favorite TV listings or App Channels.”

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a key entertainment box

Xbox One is trying to be more than just a video game console, it’s trying to be the main hub for living room entertainment. It was designed for playing games, watching movies/television shows, or listening to music. It is also used to access social media websites, watch videos, and surf the internet. The latest update will give users more by letting them upload videos with ease. Xbox is one of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s key products. It is necessary for the company to update key products to keep consumer interest.

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