Users Report Issues With YouTube TV App On Apple TV

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The YouTube app has been behaving a bit strangely on Apple 4K TV boxes lately. Many users have reported a YouTube TV app issue on the Apple 4K TV. It’s related to the video quality and streaming, and some even say videos do not load at all.

Details on the YouTube TV app issue on the Apple 4K TV

Over the past week or so, many users have taken to social media platforms and product forums to complain about the YouTube TV app issue on the Apple 4K TV. According to the complaints, the video buffers and then takes too long to load. Users also complain about poor picture quality. Some users also complain that videos do not load at all, and all they see is the wheel spinning.

Most affected users say the app started causing issues in November, but before then, everything was fine.

Users say they have tried many different things, but the YouTube TV app issue on the Apple 4K TV persists. Some say they even tested the app on two different Apple TV 4Ks, and they have the same problem. However, they’ve had zero issues with Roku streaming devices.

“I’ve tested the YouTube TV app on two difference [sic] AppleTV 4Ks. Both are hard wired. When I select a channel it buffers for 10 seconds before the channel starts, and then I experience low resolution for 3-4 mins before HD kicks in. I’ve tried the app on Roku and zero issues,” one user said on Apple forum.

Users also say they have tried software updates and rebooting the device, but the problem remains. One user said the issue persists for this even on a “hard wired internet connection (935 mbs), WiFi (225 mbs), and nothing seems to work. When it goes fuzzy I can watch the same channel on another tv [sic] at the same time via Roku and it is crystal clear.”

Based on the complaints, it appears the issue is probably with the YouTube app rather than with the Apple TV device. Users also say it is Google’s responsibility to fix the issue.

YouTube is aware of the issue. The video streaming platform has been replying to complaints on Twitter, saying it is working on a fix. The company also suggested “reinstalling the YouTube TV app and/or performing a factory reset” has worked for some users.

If you are also facing this problem, you can try these workarounds, but chances are that this issue won’t be resolved.

Last major update to YouTube app for tvOS

Google pushed out the last major update to the YouTube app for the Apple TV in February. At the time, the app was updated with a new cross-platform design. However, the interface was not tailored to the Apple TV; rather, it was similar to what the app has on other platforms. In other words, the YouTube app was not optimized for the Siri Remote or the other unique Apple TV capabilities.

Many users criticized the update due to these missing features. However, YouTube addressed some of the issues with an update in August. The update improved navigation and brought other interface tweaks and improvements to scrolling.

The update made it easier to scroll through the YouTube app. Prior to the update, scrolling in the app was similar to using a D-pad, but after the update, one could easily scroll like in other tvOS applications. Changes were also made to the interface on the homepage, making it easier to browse through videos.

 Apple 4K TV is growing in popularity

In other Apple TV news, the device is gaining in popularity as users begin to shop for the holiday season. According to data firm Thinknum, the Apple TV 4K is now second only to the Amazon Fire TV Stick in terms of sales. Thinknum’s ranking is based on Best Buy sales rank data.

According to the sales rank data, Amazon leads the pack in 4K streaming devices with its $35 Fire TV Stick 4K. The 32 GB Apple TV 4K is next on the list, despite its ultra-premium $180 price tag. The Roku Premiere 4K priced at $40 was in third place.

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