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York Capital Off to A Strong 2013

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James Dinan’s York Capital is doing pretty well into the new year as well. All of his funds produced a sizeable return in January with the Asia focused fund taking the top honor. York Asian Opportunities Hedge Fund was up 5 percent in last month, the assets are now up to $480 million, a significant increase to the December AUM of $420 million. 2012 was also a good year for the fund as it jumped 10.8 percent last year.

York Capital Off to A Strong 2013

The attractive January returns of York’s Asian fund puts it right in line with other big January gainers, including Odey Asset Management’s Odey European and Third Point Ultra and Third Point Offshore, Pine River Fixed Income and Paul Tudor’s Tudor BVI Global.

The next big January performer was York’s second largest fund, an AUM of $4.2 billion, York Credit Opportunities which was up 2.7 percent in last month. York’s distressed debt focused fund returned a handsome 19 percent in last year.

York’s Multi Strategy funds, York Capital Management and York Investment Ltd were up 1.8 and 1.9 percent respectively. York’s flagship Multi Strategy manages $5.3 billion, up from $5.1 billion in December 2012. Last year the strategy returned 13.5 percent overall.

The Europe focused fund, York European Opportunities Fund, an AUM of $1.9 billion, was up 2.2 percent in January. The European Opportunities Fund returned 10 percent in 2012.

On average (unweighted), York’s funds gained 3 percent in last month. This compares to the average hedge fund which is up less than 2 percent. The total AUM of the York is now $11.88 billion.

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