This Apple Inc. iWatch Concept Brings Traditional Design To The Table

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If reports are true, then Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), just like other tech companies, is in the process of building iWatch, company’s very own smartwatch. Pebble, a smartwatch which gained momentum from Kickstarter, is the first successful smartwatch, and now Sony and Samsung have also launched their own smartwatches. It now seems to be Apple’s turn to unveil a smartwatch. To date, we’ve seen many rumors and concepts related to the iWatch.

New smartwatch concept with traditional design

We have seen iWatch concepts which look like a device from the future many times. All those concept try to give the watch a futuristic look and never-before-seen features. But now, here’s a new iWatch concept that doesn’t aim to look futuristic, but instead, tries to be a traditional watch with interesting features. It doesn’t look like a smartwatch from the next century, but still looks beautiful.

Gabor Balogh, the creator of this smartwatch concept says that “Smartwatches do not have to be all the same. Here is my concept proving that tradition and technology can live together.” If a concept can bring tradition and technology together, then why not? So go ahead and feast your eyes on this smartwatch concept that offers a large screen, changeable dial style, application bar, pairing via smartphone, health, weather and music player, calendar, navigation, compass and can also handle calls and messages.

As seen in this concept, the strap can be easily changed. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear’s strap could not been swapped with a different one as it had its camera on the strap, but not this one.

Balogh’s effort in creating this concept is remarkable. He has truly made an effort to blend the traditional watch with new technology. Let us know your thoughts on this smartwatch concept in the comments below.

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