Yahoo! Mail Gets Dropbox Integration: Here’s How It Works

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Yahoo Mail has announced a new feature that allows users to integrate Dropbox’s cloud hosting service, right into Yahoo Mail. Yahoo says that by this integration, “it will now be easier for you to send, receive, share and manage your attachments.” The advantage of this integration is that now you can send files larger than 25MB through Dropbox. Also you can save files from your email attachments to Dropbox, directly.

If you’re doing this for the first time, then simply click on any attachment you receive in Yahoo Mail, select ‘Save all to’, then ‘Save to Dropbox’, and then authorize Dropbox. You’ll need to authorize Dropbox only once.

Here’s how this Yahoo and Dropbox integration works:

You can save attachments that you receive in Yahoo Mail directly to Dropbox. Open the email and then click on “Save to Dropbox”. Now you can save the file to the newly created Yahoo Mail folder within Dropbox, or click on “More options” and create a new Dropbox folder.


To send a new attachment from Dropbox in Yahoo Mail, select the dropdown next to the attachment icon and select ‘Share from Dropbox’. The Dropbox Chooser will pop up so you can select the files you want to share and then see them automatically appear as attachments within the email you’re composing. Once selected, click on the “Choose” button.


You can also drag and drop any attachment larger than 25MB into the email and have it automatically added to Dropbox.


This new feature can be tried out starting from today in in Yahoo Mail for Web in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Try it out.

Yahoo does not have its own cloud offering and with this partnership, the company can overcome that limitation. It seems that Yahoo is finally taking a right decision by integrating Dropbox directly to its webmail. Try it out and let us know your opinion on this.

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