Passive Investing on Autopilot: XTB Launches Game-Changing Autoinvest Feature

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Renowned for their commitment to transparency and innovation, XTB empowers individuals worldwide to confidently navigate financial markets. Investment Plans offer an exceptional strategy for long-term, passive investing. Clients can design personalised portfolios of up to nine Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), aligning with their risk tolerance, industry preferences, or regional coverage. The plan dynamically allocates invested capital to each ETF based on the designated percentage allocation, with alerts prompting adjustments over time.

The newly introduced autoinvest feature provides clients with unparalleled flexibility. Choose from free funds in your XTB account or opt for a bank transfer to regularly enhance individual portfolios. The user-friendly app allows effortless setup of recurring payments at a chosen cadence – daily, weekly, or monthly – adapting to changing needs and investment goals.

Clients can now create up to 10 portfolios, each comprising nine ETFs, with the autoinvest functionality individually customisable for unparalleled control over your investment strategy. Modify or cancel the feature seamlessly through the XTB app at any time.

In line with their commitment to transparency, XTB proudly offers 0% commission on ETF investing*. In addition, the setup and maintenance of Investment Plans come at no charge, eliminating unnecessary costs and barriers for clients.

 Download the XTB app and create your own portfolio today!

Your capital is at risk. The value of your investments may go up or down.

*All your investments under the Plan are commission-free up to 100 000 EUR equivalent monthly turnover. Transaction above this limit will be charged with 0.2% commission (min. 10 GBP). If you invest in foreign ETFs a 0.5% currency conversion fee may apply.