Devs Working On Xbox Project Scorpio Games, Hardware

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Xbox Scorpio was unveiled at the E3 event this year, but not many details were shared then. Microsoft confirmed its existence, but it did not say anything else. So if you are one of the avid fans looking for official Scorpio details and specs, then do not get your hopes up right now.

Work underway on hardware and games

According to Phil Spencer — a.k.a. “Mr. Xbox” — the Scorpio hardware and games for it are being worked on currently. This is not exactly surprising, but we have this confirmation at least.

In response to a tweet from a fan who asked, “Are devs already working on Scorpio or not yet?” Spencer said, “Yes, hardware, platform and games.”

Not much is known about the console outside of the hardware specs, which were disclosed during a Microsoft press conference. The specs include a whopping 6TFLOPS of power and an 8-core CPU. Given the latest confirmation by “Mr. Xbox,” we presume by “hardware and games that he meant the operating system and user interface.

The Xbox Scorpio is scheduled to release within a “holiday 2017” window at E3 2016. Spencer has confirmed that a lot of work is already being done for Microsoft’s super-console. The only question now is when we will be able to see any of that work. Already there are reports of a PS4 Neo unveil event in September in New York. The event is probably in September to avoid clashes with the equally-rumored Nintendo NX Tokyo Game Show appearance. But since the Xbox Scorpio is reportedly aiming for a holiday 2017 launch, it does not have to worry about clashes with competing consoles, which is great for both our wallets and for Microsoft.

No Xbox Scorpio exclusives

Spencer has already stated that unless you have a 4K TV, the Xbox Scorpio is “not going to do anything for you.” However, developers are not required to make high-resolution games for it.

In addition, Aaron Greenberg from Xbox has confirmed that there will not be any Scorpio exclusives, so we are not sure how mirthful we ought to be about this news. Presumably, developers are working on Xbox One games if there are no exclusives. These Xbox One games will also be available to play in high-resolution on the Xbox Scorpio, much like PS4 games will be on the PS4 Neo.

Initially, Spencer said Xbox Scorpio would not have exclusive games, but later he said that the decision is up to the developers. If the developers want to develop games exclusively for the new console, then they will, said the Xbox boss.

Developers are hard at work making games for the new console with just over a year left before its release. The console, which is a mid-generation upgrade, is set to release a year after Sony’s PS4 Neo. As it has lagged Sony’s Playstation this generation, the Xbox Scorpio is rumored to up the ante, and in performance, it will probably overtake both the Neo and PS4.

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