Xbox One S Revealed And Looking Gorgeous

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Earlier today the Telegraph reported that Microsoft is expected to reveal what it is calling the Xbox One S at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at 5.30pm today! This new Xbox console, which has been revealed in leaked images is expected to be around 40 percent smaller than the current Xbox One.

Xbox One S Revealed

The leaked images come a whole 24 hours prior to Microsoft holding a press conference, as you can see from the images. This new Xbox One S, is Snow white in color and stands vertically, to me it looks somewhat reminiscent of an earlier PlayStation 2 model.

Xbox One S Specs

According to the Xbox One S product description, the console is considered to be a high-end version of the Xbox One. And has a 2TB hard drive and supports 4K Ultra high definition video. This new Xbox is being code named Edmonton and will more than likely be available to purchase within a month or two.

Thanks to the images supplied by the NeoGaf forum, this time around there is the option to stand the Xbox One S on its head as a stand comes in the box. Plus there’s also a built in power supply, as to why this would be the case, nothing has been revealed. However, I or my colleagues here on Valuewalk will keep you up to date on that.

As for other new touches, the pre-order page leak (see below) suggests that the controller with the Xbox One S, has been streamlined. However, from the image I can not tell if there is any difference other than color!

In a surprising twist, Microsoft has revealed some information about the One S that was not expected by the rumor mill. It turns out that the Xbox One S is compatible with 4K TVs and supports High Dynamic Range. However what it will not do is play games a 4K resolution, because as a whole this new console is no more powerful than its predecessor the Xbox One.

As for an official statement from a Microsoft spokesperson, all I have seen so far is a shrug emoji:

Microsoft Xbox One S Spokesperson Emoji

As for its other launches at E3, Microsoft is also expected to announce a whole new bunch of games, hardware and software capabilities, so if you don’t want to miss a trick keep your eyes and ears peeled!

If you want to tune in to Microsoft’s press conference at E3 you can do so at 9.30 AM Los Angeles time and 5.30 pm London time via the official Xbox website.

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