Wozniak gives Candid Interview about Apple’s Past and Future

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Wozniak gives Candid Interview about Apple’s Past and Future
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Ingenious tech engineer Steve Wozniak, often simply known as “Woz” to colleagues and strangers alike, is one of the co founders of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). In an interview with  Australian news channel ABC; Woz shed light on his experience in Apple. He also shared his thoughts on former colleague and long time friend, the late Steve Jobs. To wrap it up, he gave a brief foresight of expected trends in the digital world.

The interview dug deep into Woz’s life and probed into his background, with the notably reclusive entrepreneur letting his guard down more than is usual of these occasions . Other than that, the interview gave emphasis to the future of computers and the legacy that Steve Jobs left in his wake.

According to Wozniak, the co-founding of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was more of a circumstantial event. It essentially sprung from natural progression. He indirectly admitted that Jobs was the financial powerhouse at Apple. Woz says that although his innovation and device breakthroughs were commendable, Steve was the one turning all the devices into money. Jobs, Wozniak and financial guru Ron Wayne were the minds behind Apple.

Wozniak revealed that Job and he were pretty much the same in the early days. Their mode of thinking was unique and they both entertained a passion for people who thought differently about things.

Wozniak went on to add that Jobs was a great manager with indescribable leadership skills. He also exclaimed that Jobs went through a lot of ups and downs to attain his top position. Wozniak comments that Job’s peak came at Apple.

When asked on the future of computing, Wozniak was candid and clear. He sees a computing future that is anchored on improved and intuitive user interaction. Wozniak comments that the computer has become more human. Its machine elements are slowly fading away and user interaction has greatly improved over the years. Wozniak used the touch screen computers as an example of how ‘human’ computers had become. “We’re now touching it like you touch a human,” he comments. Woz further adds that the user interface is slowly but progressively improving. He foresees a scenario were people will talk to their computers like the way they talk to other people. “I want to speak to my computer as a human being and get answers,” says the engineering guru.

In a nutshell, Wozniak’s view on the future of technology is pretty much mounted on computers with incredible user interface. Wozniak actually foresees a future where the virtual world will do everything for the physical world.

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