World’s Most Impressive Office Buildings – Asia Dominates The List [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Office buildings are not usually considered to be the most amazing buildings. Most people view them as places of work that have to be endured rather than admired for their architectural design and innovation. However, there are many beautiful office buildings around the world to be admired for their aesthetic appeal and ingenuity in their design.

In this infographic we have toured the globe to showcase some of the most fantastic office buildings that we think many people would love to be working in. Each building is unique, although they do share a common theme of precision engineering and innovative design. Many include the latest design technologies for tackling the problems of sustainability for heating, cooling and water, while others have design concepts which make office working a more enjoyable experience.

Being ‘green’ is high on building design agendas in major cities around the world. These buildings show that being ‘green’ doesn’t mean that style and design is compromised in any way. It is used to make these work places healthier for people and the environment.

Shape and form is embraced head-on by designers, with glass playing a huge role in many of these fantastic buildings, bringing natural light to the inside, creating amazing reflections on the outside and harnessing solar energy. Height is also prevalent in many, with city land space being at a premium designers have quite literally risen to new heights to provide office buildings that are visually appealing, functional and practical for everyone, with considerations for using the wind advantageously.

Take a look at the World’s Most Impressive Office Buildings below and we are sure you will agree that these fabulous office buildings from around the globe are worth giving a salute to the designers, architects, and builders who have pioneered these wonderful office buildings.

World’s Most Impressive Office Buildings

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