Latest Workflow Update Brings iPhone X Optimizations And iOS 11 Support

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On Wednesday, Apple released the version 1.7.7 of its Workflow app. The update brings tons of bug fixes, along with iPhone X optimizations and iOS 11 support. Apple acquired the automation app earlier this year, and made it available for free on the App Store. Following the acquisition, there were speculations that no new features were planned for the Workflow. But Apple has since rolled out many updates.

What’s new in Workflow version 1.7.7?

For the uninitiated, Workflow is a popular automation tool that can perform a number of tasks and make them easier. It lets you create workflows for tasks like pulling photos from a web page, creating GIF files from a collection of photos, calculating a tip, translating texts, and posting pictures to multiple social platforms simultaneously. Workflow has been available in the App Store for free since Apple acquired earlier this year.

The version 1.7.7 allows users to drag and drop content into a workflow to run it with that input, according to the documentation. It has also added HEVC support to Encode Media and HEIF support to the Convert Image. The update also brings support for additional Health fields in iOS 11 such as V02 Max, Insulin Delivery, Resting Heart Rate, Waist Circumference, and Walking Heart Rate Average.

iPhone X users can convert animojis into looping GIFs

The iPhone X owners can now share screenshots and animojis. They can even convert animojis into looping GIF files. Other improvements include the ability to retrieve and save multiple files simultaneously with Get File and Save File actions. You can also specify a default “From” address in Send Email. The update also includes tons of bug fixes. It fixes an issue where the text would unexpectedly convert to image metadata dictionaries.

The update also fixed a bug that caused the Text action to randomly scroll to the top. Workflow version 1.7.7 also fixes a bug where the Show Directions action sometimes didn’t use the correct travel mode when opening Google Maps. Another bug where some files were not selectable in the Box and Dropbox file pickers has also been fixed.

How to improve the iPhone X battery life

The iPhone X has a pretty good battery life. Apple claims it lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7. If it is still not sufficient for you and you don’t want to buy that bulky battery cover, Twitter user Neil Hughes has discovered a neat trick that could almost double the battery life of your iPhone X. Just head over to Settings, make some changes, and enjoy the extra long battery life.

The first thing you’ll have to do is switch the phone’s screen to grayscale. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations, and toggle on Color Filters. Now you have to tap the Grayscale option below it. Next step is to invert the display colors. While still in Display Accommodations, tap Invert Colors and toggle on Classic Invert.

Now go back to Settings > Battery and enable the Low Power Mode. The Low Power Mode restricts background activities of apps to conserve the battery power.

Many users of older iPhones have also been complaining about poor battery life after upgrading to the iOS 11.1. Whenever Apple rolls out new software, older devices suffer in one way or another. It usually takes Apple a few weeks to fix the relevant bugs. Until Apple fixes the bugs, there are still a few ways to improve battery life on your older iPhone. First, if the phone’s battery had been draining fast even before upgrading to iOS 11, the problem is most likely with the battery itself rather than the OS.

You can activate the Low Power Mode by going to Settings > Battery. However, you can’t permanently keep the Low Power Mode on because it automatically turns off when the device reaches 80% charge. You can always turn it back on, though. If you do not want to restrict the background activities, you can save some precious battery by turning on the Auto-Brightness feature, which would reduce the screen brightness. You can enable Auto Brightness from Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

On the back of strong iPhone X demand, Apple’s stock is inching closer to the $1 trillion valuation. Wall Street analysts expect the iPhone X to see a humongous demand through 2018. Apple shares closed Wednesday at $904 billion, making it the most valuable company in the US. However, Apple will not be the first company to touch the $1 trillion valuation. PetroChina touched the $1 trillion mark in 2007. Saudi Aramco is estimated to be worth $2 trillion.

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