Wolves Of Wall Street? A Look At Salaries [INFOGRAPHIC]

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People say wall street salaries are out of control, but it’s worse than many of us think. Here a look at the real wolves of Wall Street.

Wall Street Wolves: Top 5 earners

Top 5 earners, 2013 (ALL Hedge fund managers…includes percentage fees)

  • $1.5 billion, James Simons, Renaissance Technologies
  • $1.2 billion, Stephen Cohen, SAC Capital
  • $1.2 billion, Kenneth Griffin, Citadel Investment Group
  • $1.1 billion, T. Boone Pickens, B.P. Capital
  • $950 million, George Soros, Soros Fund Management

The average pay of Wall Street employees, including salary and bonuses, was $360,700 in 2012 (latest statistics).

Still, that’s more than 5X the average worker pay in the U.S.

$34,645: average U.S. worker salary

3%: average pay raise in 2014 for average U.S. worker (third year in a row at 3%)

The Real Wolves Of Wall Street [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wall Street Wolves

Source: Masters-in-Accounting.org

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