WinX MediaTrans: A Better Alternative To iTunes For Media Transfer [Review And Giveaway]

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Apple has a closed ecosystem. Its products, services, and apps work smoothly only with a select number of platforms. While such an ecosystem has its fair share of benefits, it’s annoying as hell for users who want flexibility. Take iTunes for example. It works smoothly with Mac. But for reasons known only to Apple, iTunes doesn’t work well with Windows. Its interface isn’t that great either. Wish there were a tool that would address all the drawbacks of iTunes while retain its best features? WinX MediaTrans tries to be a worthy iTunes replacement, and succeeds.

WinX MediaTrans does almost everything Apple’s iTunes can do, and then some more. If you are a Windows PC user, MediaTrans is one of the best tools to transfer media from or to an iOS device. Let’s check out what makes the MediaTrans a better and more efficient tool than iTunes.

Why MediaTrans is better than iTunes

Unlike iTunes, the WinX MediaTrans has a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. You can carry out your tasks such as managing and transferring movies, music, pictures, and other files painlessly. You don’t have to install iTunes on your PC to transfer files. It doesn’t even require WiFi or iCloud. All you have to do is install the WinX MediaTrans, connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC and start transferring data. The feature names are self-explanatory, which means there is little learning curve.

WinX MediaTrans
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You can choose to transfer all your files in one go, or you can selectively move videos and photos from your iOS device to the PC or vice-versa. WinX MediaTrans supports Nvidia NVENC and Intel QSV hardware acceleration technology, which means it can transfer 100 high-resolution pictures from your iPhone to PC in only about 8 seconds without any quality loss.

The MediaTrans supports a wide variety of image files such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF, which means you can export any image in the iOS Camera Roll. Coming to music files, you are probably aware that iTunes doesn’t allow you to transfer music from your iPhone to a PC. But now you can export your iPhone music files to your computer using WinX MediaTrans. Keeping a backup of the iPhone songs and videos on your computer could be a lifesaver.

The MediaTrans also beats iTunes in organizing unprotected music files. Just drag and drop to add new songs to a playlist without any hassle. You can also edit, modify, or delete playlists directly from your PC. MediaTrans also allows you to move eBooks, ringtones, and podcasts to or from your iPhone. As if that wasn’t enough, the software can also transfer tons of other files such as Word, Excel, PDF, and more.

Have you recorded a video in a format not supported by your iOS device, but want to move it from your PC to your iPhone? Apple’s devices do not support files such as MKV, FLV, and AVI. But don’t worry, MediaTrans is capable of converting the unsupported video files into a format your iPhone will understand while transferring it from the PC to iPhone.

Is the size of videos on your PC too large? The 1080p and 4K videos require a lot of storage space, which could be a problem for people using iPhones with 16GB, 32GB, or even 64GB models. WinX MediaTrans makes that problem disappear because it can reduce the size of your original video files by up to 50% with zero loss of quality.

While using MediaTrans, you are not going to miss any of the good features of iTunes. The software retains all the best features of iTunes. For instance, you can edit song metadata for a single track or a whole batch simultaneously.

More importantly, WinX MediaTrans enables you to enjoy some useful features that iTunes lacks: You can use your iPhone as a USB drive to take any files; make iPhone ringtone with your beloved music; free DRM, make iTunes purchases playable on non-Apple devices.

Take advantage of the giveaway

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Full disclosure: This is a paid post in return for what we believe is an honest review of the product.

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