Windows 98 Smartwatch: Modern Tech Meets Retro DIY

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If you’re old enough to remember, there was once a time when Windows 98 was the PC based operating system to die for. However, those day’s have long gone, and technology/software has moved on. Today’s tech has run away from the desktop and into our hands and on our wrists with Smartwatches. And it’s with the latter that one recreational inventor resurrected the OS using Rasberry Pi and created a Windows 98 Smartwatch!

Seriously a Windows 98 Smartwatch

The brainchild of self-confessed technology tinkerer 314REACTOR, this novel idea started with Raspberry Pi A+. He wanted to find a way of placing Windows 98 onto a piece of technology no one would think it could be useful on. And, as you would have probably guessed a Smartwatch is about as far away from a platform as technology gets. That is if you rule out toasters, kettles, and other small kitchen appliances.

Watch Features

Now, this is no Apple Watch or Galaxy Gear, nor is it a 1st gen Sony Watch or something much cheaper found on Amazon or Ebay. No, it’s something completely on its own, so feature wise it’s pretty basic!

Crammed in behind its tiny 2.4-inch touchscreen is the Raspberry Pi A+, a 1000mAh battery and on its side a simple on-and-off button. 314REACTOR has stated on his blog, that he intends to add some upgrades and new features. However, his goal right now is to improve performance.


Could you imagine what a Windows 98 Smartwatch experience would be like? I know it’s still hard to believe someone even tried, considering its a desktop OS. Even more awkward was the fact that Windows 98 isn’t available for Raspberry Pi A+. Which led to the use of virtual machine software QEMU for emulation, all of which doesn’t bode well for performance.

As for how the retro Windows 98 Smartwatch performs, apparently, initial tests proved more work is required. As the desktop OS is very sluggish, however, some gameplay is possible. Games that have been tested include Minesweeper and 314REACTOR has said he attempt to play DOOM soon!

And that’s it; now if you want to build your own Windows 98 Smartwatch, there’s a kind of tutorial here. Additionally, there you find out what motivated this wacky inventor to give this a try in the first place. Now, if you’re not so technically minded, you may need to as the inventor some questions. If that is the case, it seems as though he is quite receptive and responds to comments.

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