Windows 10 Upgrade Not Free For Pirates: Microsoft

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A large number of Windows OS users were still confused whether Windows 10 would be available as a free upgrade to those using pirated copies of Windows. Now Microsoft has cleared the air. The software giant said in a blog post that Windows 10 will not be free for pirates. They will have to pay if they want to upgrade to the new OS that is expected to come out this summer.

Microsoft to offer attractive Windows 10 upgrade offer for pirates

In March, Windows chief Terry Myerson indicated that the free upgrade offer would also apply to pirated copies. Microsoft itself had been, until last weekend, vague about whether pirates will have to pay for Windows 10. The Redmond-based company said that it would run some “very attractive Windows 10 upgrade offers” for people with pirated copies.

The software giant wants as many people as possible to move to its official version. That’s because most people using pirated copies are potential customers for Windows 10. In many cases, customers may not even know that they have been sold a PC running a pirated copy of Windows. Microsoft shows a watermark to notify users if their copy of Windows is genuine or not.

Microsoft adding goodies to attract more users

Pirated Windows copies make users vulnerable to the risk of fraud, malware, and public exposure of personal data. Microsoft did not reveal how much it would charge those using pirated copies to upgrade to Windows 10. According to Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer, all PCs running genuine versions of Windows 7 and 8 will be eligible for a free upgrade for the first 12 months following its launch.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that Windows 10 will be available in seven different versions to target different user groups. The seven versions include Home, Mobile, Enterprise, Mobile Enterprise, Pro, Education, and IoT Core. Windows 10 will come with the blockbuster game Candy Crush Saga pre-installed. Microsoft is also in talks with China’s Tencent to bring the widely popular MOBA League of Legends to Windows 10.

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