Windows 10 Build 10558 Leaks Point To Several New Features

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Microsoft will hold a major event in New York on Tuesday, where it is expected to unveil new Lumia phones and the next-gen Surface Pro. And the software giant may roll out a new Windows 10 build after the event. But the new build 10558 has already leaked, and it brings some really cool features for desktop users. It is going to be one of the most interesting builds since Windows 10 was rolled out in late July.

Install apps in other than ‘C’ drive

Windows 10 build 10558 will allow users to install apps to a permanently attached microSD card or drives other than the ‘C’ partition. It should prove useful for those with low-storage devices, especially tablet or laptop hybrid users. The new update will also bring important changes to Microsoft Edge browser, but those expecting support for extensions in Edge browser would be disappointed.

Microsoft has cleaned up the Settings menu for Edge. The new build has also added a new tab preview feature that lets you take a peek at other tabs even without having to switch to them. It could enhance the productivity of busy people by saving them some time. There are also some cosmetic changes as well as the addition of new apps like Microsoft Phone and Skype Messaging. It indicates that the Redmond-based company is focusing a lot on communication.

Google to bring its apps to Windows 10

With the new build of Windows 10, Microsoft will also bring a universal Messaging app. It would manage messages on both mobile devices and desktop, according to WZor. On laptop and desktop, the universal app will support messaging over Skype. Other major changes include tweaks to the download manager, a new Registry Editor icon, and Spotlight feature for enterprise users.

What’s more, WinBeta reports that Google will bring its own apps for Windows 10 at Tuesday’s event. It would be a surprising move given the historical antagonistic relationship between Microsoft and Google. Now the two tech giants seem to have agreed to join hands for the benefit of users. Microsoft has also been putting its apps on iOS and Android platforms.

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