Windows 10 Latest Leak Shows Xbox App And Cortana Integration

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will unveil the consumer preview of its Windows 10 at its ‘The Next Chapter‘ event on January 21. Ahead of the event, a consumer build (9901) has leaked out, spilling the beans on what consumer features Microsoft will include in its upcoming operating system. The leaked screenshot shows numerous radical changes.


Cortana in Windows 10 responds to text and voice commands

WinBeta has received an early version of Windows 10 with Build 9901. The website posted a video showing various changes in the forthcoming build. Microsoft has made some noticeable changes such as Cortana integration and a new wallpaper showing upfront. Cortana is placed on the Task Bar with search option. The virtual assistant seems to respond to text and voice commands.

Cortana in Windows 10 is pretty similar to the Windows Phone version, providing you access to reminders, interests and the notebook. Build 9901 shows that the feature is not fully functional and still requires some updates. The final version is likely to see significant improvements. There is also a new Xbox app, which seems to be a gateway to the whole Xbox ecosystem, including friend lists, achievements, activity feeds and the Store.

Settings app likely to replace Control Panel and PC settings

The Xbox app is still in its early phase. So, the Redmond-based company may include SmartGlass integration going forward. The software giant has also added new animations to the TaskView switcher in Windows 10. The company has also removed the Settings button from the Charms Bar, indicating that Microsoft wants to improve access to Settings in the new OS.

Among other things, there is Store Beta, a revamped but incomplete version of Windows Store. The new store shows film/TV shows and music alongside games and apps. It means Microsoft is likely to integrate Xbox Video and Xbox Music stores with the main Windows Store. Further, there is facelift Settings app, which looks similar to Control Panel. The Settings app is speculated to replace both Control Panel and PC Settings.

Microsoft shares inched up 0.13% to $47.01 at 12:07 PM EST on Monday.

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