Windows 10 Getting Picture-In-Picture Mode Soon

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Imagine this; you’re working on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop when a Skype call comes in. It’s a relative who you haven’t spoken to for a while, so taking the call is important! Right now, this scenario would require you to stop working. However, something called a compact overlay window or Picture-to-Picture mode could soon enable you to place that video call above other open apps. Meaning, that you could continue to be productive and hold your Skype conversation simultaneously!

A Windows 10 Update

Within the past few days, Microsoft has released to developers its latest Windows 10 update. Numbered, 15031, it has many features aimed at making your Windows experience better, but, this is the most exciting! And it alone could provide the functionality to change the way you use your computer forever.

Picture-to-Picture Mode

For the sake of this article, we’re going to stick with a picture-to-picture mode. But, you should be made aware that a compact overlay window is the same thing.

As a Windows 10 user, you will be able to run a program in a small window that’s pinned above other software.This window can be seen without getting in the way like a regular window, remember our example at the start of this article?


Now if you’re a developer and haven’t yet seen this new feature, Microsoft promises it won’t cause you problems! Why? Because these new windows work just like regular ones in most ways. So, it says, it shouldn’t pose any significant issues when making existing programs compatible with the feature.

Unfortunately, there has been no mention if these windows can be used with snap or resized. We will as always, keep our ears to the ground and eyes peeled for an answer!

Playing Catch Up

While this new feature may be useful for Windows 10 users if you’ve ever used an iPad or Mac you’ve seen this before. That is if you have used iOS 9 or MacOS Sierra, as Apple introduced multi-window support last year. Whether Microsoft has seen how popular this feature has become and decided to use it in Windows 10 is not clear. Whatever the reason, it will be a welcome one for both business and casual PC users alike.

As for what apps Microsoft is working on to make compatible, the movies & TV apps, as well as the Skype preview will soon be updated. However, no information as to when that will happen has been provided. For a complete breakdown of what update 15031 gives users and developers see here.

How can you see yourself making use of this new Windows 10 feature, will you predominantly use it for work or pleasure? Let us know in the comments section below.

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