Windows 10 Game Mode Discovered: Could It Improve PC Gaming?

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A previously unknown DLL file discovered in the latest Windows 10 developer build could be a sign of what’s to come. Also the discovery of this file may be getting ahead of Microsoft’s plans to introduce a Windows 10 Game Mode that could improve PC gaming.

What is Windows 10 Game Mode?

Everything we know so far is conjecture, but what is accurate is that a new version of Windows 10 has been circulating among Insider Previewers. One such lucky previewer discovered a DLL file called gamemode.dll, and it’s this discovery that has turned what was supposed to be a secret into one of the most talked-about subjects among PC gamers right now.

However, to answer the above question, you first need to understand that Windows 10 is a multitasking operating system. Like other systems with multiple tasks, it has to divide its available resources among the different software and hardware it must operate.

This is where Windows 10 Game Mode comes in because running games also requires resources. It’s not known for sure, but it’s speculated that this DLL file will enable Windows to prioritize games, meaning that resources could be pulled from other sources and always allow games to run at their maximum potential.

Prioritized tasks

This new possible feature of Windows 10 is a talking point on the Microsoft Feedback Hub, with people wondering whether this priority over performance will be a manual choice or if it will be something that’s baked into the OS without giving a user any choice.

The person who found the DLL file, Twitter user WalkingCat (@h0x0d), has suggested that this Windows 10 Game Mode could reveal a new feature included in future versions of the OS. This new feature could enable a user to manually lower resource priority for non-gaming tasks, boosting the performance of games played on the system in the process.

Will all games benefit?

On Windows Central, the discussion has moved on to the games themselves and whether Microsoft will allow all games to benefit from using Windows 10 Game Mode, including Steam and Origin titles. The consensus right now is that this will be something that Microsoft intends to boost only in-house titles.

So it looks like Microsoft is taking both its Xbox and PC gaming future seriously. It’s entirely possible that this DLL file just relates to the fact that Xbox Live games are coming to Windows 10. However, Microsoft has chosen to remain silent on the subject, so you will just have to watch this space for news.

Let’s for one moment agree that the Windows 10 Game Mode is real. So how would it affect your system? If you have a high-end gaming rig with an Intel Core i7 CPU, the latest graphics card and a large amount of RAM, it’s likely that this mode will not provide much improvement. However, if you’re using a lower-end system, such as a laptop or desktop with integrated graphics, it will boost the performance significantly.

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