Wimbledon Championships Vs I-Banking: Could You Earn More With Your Backhand?

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Wimbledon Championships: Could You Earn More With Your Backhand? by Emolument.com

As Wimbledon Championships started on Monday, 27th, every one of us will probably go tennis mad until July, 10th. While we remember the winners, rarely do we note the value of their prize. Time to consider a career change?

Emolument.com has analyzed 7,874 salaries in investment banking, tech firms and consulting firms in the UK. It looks like only top investment bankers make it to the finals. Junior strategy consultants still have to train to make it to the quarter finals : as in sports, stamina is the key.

How many professionals does it take to match a champion’s earnings?

Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon Championships 1

Advantage investment banking! Investment banking is the sector coming closest to matching Wimbledon champions’ earnings. A senior MD earns as much as a Wimbledon semi-finalist (GBP 470,000), and twice as much as quarter finalist.

Consultants: The prizewinner earns 21 times more than a senior strategy consultant while even the quarter finalist makes 3 times more money in one tournament that senior consultants.

A reverse gender gap? Following controversy in the last few years, male and female champions are now on equal prize money. However, with longer games and higher viewing figures, some male players are insisting they should earn more than their female colleagues. A departure from the corporate world where the gender gap defaults at approximately 25% for total compensation.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder & COO at Emolument.com said: ‘While banking MDs earn nearly as much as top tennis players, when taking into account athletes’ sweat, tears, training, travels and relentless commitment to the sport since childhood, it seems the gap should be even wider.. Which it is when adding sponsorship deals on top of prize money!’

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