White Line In The Middle Of YouTube App Frustrates Viewers

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The YouTube app is one of the most fleshed out media applications on the market, but it’s not without its issues. A number of users have reported a white line in the middle of YouTube that is making it difficult to watch videos uninterrupted.

White Line In The Middle Of YouTube

The video included below posted by a Reddit user should give you a sense of what the problem looks like

I found this odd white line in YouTube App for Android when I minimozed a video. Is there anyone with this bug? from r/youtube

As you can see from the gif, it doesn’t exactly break the YouTube app. Some are reporting that the white line in the middle of YouTube appears while they are scrolling through videos, while others claim that the white line pops up when they minimize their current video.

The issue with the white line in the middle of YouTube doesn’t seem to be extending to regular video watching for the majority of users, but it’s interrupting the app experience and making it more difficult to navigate the interface. The issue also seems reasonably widespread as well, with a number of reports popping up around the web. From the PlayStore to Reddit and YouTube, people are unhappy and looking for a fix.

A Potential Explanation

YouTube hasn’t made a statement as to what the issue is and how they’re going to fix it, but OnePlus support responded to a user offering a potential explanation for the issue.

“Hi, Rahul! We’ve noticed this, too. We think this is a bug on YouTube because this started to show up when they made an update on changing the size of the video you minimized.”

As the issue with the white line in the middle of YouTube hasn’t been a problem thus far, it’s likely that it cropped up after a recent update. While the majority of changes to software add more features and make for an overall superior user experience, there are often bugs that can break existing features even with stringent testing. Hopefully YouTube takes steps to address the problem with their minimized videos moving forward to make the app less annoying to deal with.


While there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to fix the problem within the app, visiting the website through your browser may address the issue temporarily. It’s obviously not ideal when compared to using an application optimized for mobile viewing, but the YouTube mobile website through a browser is actually pretty capable.

Another option is to just ignore it, honestly. As mentioned above, it doesn’t seem to crop up in videos themselves so you can just deal with the issue on your screen until YouTube provides a fix. It definitely makes navigating the app an issue, but you shouldn’t have problems actually watching content.

The white line in the middle of YouTube is definitely a major annoyance so we anticipate that Google will take action very quickly, but until then we’re left with seeking out other options if we want to avoid that annoying line.

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