Which iPhone 7 Color Variant Will You Choose?

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There have been rumors doing the rounds about the iPhone 7 for months now, some of which have been more believable than others and a few that have been downright ridiculous. However, what they have done is whip up such a tremendous sense of excitement surrounding the handset that a possible announcement and launch next month has many close to fainting! If you’re one of those people and you need to know what colors your next iPhone will be available in, here are the latest rumors.

Which iPhone 7 Color Variant Will You Choose?
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Space black

At the beginning of July, there were reports that Apple was planning on releasing a “space black” iPhone 7. Apparently this rumor started when well-known designer Martin Hajek produced a collection of 3D renders, one of which was of the Space Black iPhone 7.

Hajek has quite a reputation for hitting quite close to the mark with his iPhone designs. However, he uses only rumors to gather the information for his concept designs, so whether you should believe this is anywhere close to accurate is up to you.

Metallic blue

Imagine being lucky enough to get your hands on a prototype iPhone 7. In a recent video posted to YouTube, one lucky poster has his hands on what looks like a metallic blue iPhone 7. If this was an accurate vision of what Apple intends to do with its next handset release, it could mean that we are in for an expanded color range in 2017.

Deep blue

If you have had enough of “Space Gray” iPhones and want something a little different, how about “space blue“? Otherwise known as deep blue, this is yet again another design/mock-up from the designer Martin Hajek, I hope that this color makes it through to the final iPhone 7 line-up as it is my favorite so far.

Rose gold

In June I started to see images of what could be real pictures of the iPhone 7 leak online, supposedly from people working within Apple’s manufacturing partners in China. One such leak was of a “rose gold” variant and showed the rear panel in full. Was this a true iPhone 7? I don’t know, but it certainly looked authentic and had many believing that it was.

Space gray

Personally, I cannot imagine an iPhone variant without what has become almost the standard “space gray.” Yes, I know that this is probably the one Apple fans want the least, but it is also the color that Apple has sold the most iPhones across the world in. So don’t be surprised if a Space Gray iPhone 7 is announced next month because I know I certainly won’t be.

Color variants

While the iPhone 7 colors above have all come from people who either design what they think Apple will produce or from those who like to make us believe that what they’re are showing is legitimate, there is no way to know what Apple will do. While that is nothing new, it does leave us with nothing but speculation. As for the color “space black,” it has been talked about for a couple of years now and still has not been included in Apple’s iPhone line-up. “Rose gold” has featured in a few previous iPhone models, with the last being the iPhone SE and another being the iPhone 6s.

What will Apple do?

If you are a skeptic like me, then you probably believe that Apple will stick with what it knows, as it has shown the propensity to do this in the past. If that turns out to be true, it would mean that the iPhone 7 color variations on offer next month will likely be Rose Gold, Space Gray and Silver. However, having said that, maybe there is a chance of Space Gray getting a little shake-up because in the video below, you will see that it looks much darker than the color seen on the iPhone 6s.

Final thoughts

Whatever happens from here on in, we probably have a little over a month until we know all the answers. That being said, I already know which variant I would like to have, and that is the Space Blue iPhone 7. What about you? Would you prefer to stick to a color you know or be a little adventurous and go for, say, a Metallic Blue iPhone 7 if such a handset becomes available?

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