WhatsApp Has A Hidden Tool That Reveals Who Your Closest Friends Are

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Wondering who your closest friends are, at least on WhatsApp? The mobile messaging service had quietly introduced a new feature in June this year that lets you keep tabs on your data usage. This hidden feature unexpectedly reveals who you communicate with the most on WhatsApp. The “storage usage” function buried within the app now provides an effective leader board, listing all your contacts and groups based on the number of messages sent and received.

Find out who your closest friends are on WhatsApp

You might not have noticed this feature probably because you do not track WhatsApp data usage. And another reason is that the update 2.12.3 had been pushed out only to iOS users. Even though the mobile messaging platform has introduced a number of features to Android in recent months, it’s unclear when this tool will be introduced for Android users.

To find out exactly who your closest friends are, go to “Settings” on the right of the application’s toolbar. Now select Account > Storage Usage. It now displays the total number of messages you have received and sent. The page also ranks your groups and contacts based on the number of interactions in each conversation. Of course, group chats are more likely to be on the top, but it also reveals the individual friends you interact with the most.

WhatsApp now has 900 million users

Selecting “Size” tab at the bottom shows the amount of data you have spent communicating with your contacts. In case you choose to delete a thread that is taking up a lot of memory, you have to tap the “Refresh” button on the top right before it shows up the newly freed memory. For now, Android users can only see information on data usage and their total messages sent.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum said Thursday that the messaging service now had a whopping 900 million monthly active users. In just six years, it has revolutionized the way we communicate. Koum said the service added 100 million users in the last five months alone.

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