WhatsApp Video Calling Feature May Be Delayed

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It is no secret that WhatsApp has been working on adding video calls to its already impressive messaging platform.

The popular messaging service, which is owned by Facebook, previously rolled out a beta version of the app which included the capability of video calls. Beta versions are used to test out new features, both to gauge user interest in the updates and check how well it will work, writes Alexander Maxham for Android Headlines.

WhatsApp withdraws video calls from latest beta

A beta version of WhatsApp previously included video calls, but the company has now rolled out a new beta which does not offer the capability. WhatsApp users can already make voice calls in the app, but tests on video calls have been going on for some time.

The pulling of the feature in the latest beta could be down to two reasons. Developers may want to do some more testing, or they could have found some serious bugs that need to be fixed.

It seems likely that WhatsApp will eventually offer video calls, however we may have to wait a bit longer in order to be able to do so. It’s likely that a future update will offer the feature, whether that means a beta version or a stable version that is offered in Android and Apple app stores.

Messaging service remains hugely popular

WhatsApp continues to go from strength to strength, with high rates of usage around the world. It is particularly popular in Brazil, India, Indonesia and other emerging markets.

It is one of few messaging apps to have surpassed the 1 billion download mark on the Google Play store. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is free and offers a huge range of functions, such as sending messages, pictures, audio clips, videos and making voice calls.

One area in which WhatsApp lags behind Facebook Messenger is the ability to make video calls. It looks like that will soon change, and presumably parent company Facebook is sharing its expertise with WhatsApp in order to roll out the feature.

If the company can introduce video calls it would boost an already popular service and place further pressure on rivals such as Telegram.

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