WhatsApp for Android updated with custom notifications, new emojis

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WhatsApp just updated its Android app to include improved notifications for contacts, the ability to toggle read status of chats, mute conversations, new emojis and more. The custom notification settings includes the ability to set up different sound tones and light colors for certain chats. It also enables users to choose a pop-up style or even mute conversations for a preset period of time including 8 minutes, 1 week, or 1 year. Users can also mark conversations as read or unread just as they do for email messages. Budget-concerned users can save money by lowering their data usage during phone calls. All they have to do to locate the feature is go under Settings to make the changes under Chats & Calls.

WhatsApp for Android update comes with more emojis

The update includes even more emojis like pre-existing emojis updated with different skin tones, LGBT-friendly emojis, the new Spock-inspired vulcan salute, and a middle finger gesture.  When a user wants to change the color of a specific emoji, they can tap and hold the selected emoji until they reach the selected color.

The recent WhatsApp update for Android includes support for two more languages: Bengali and Urdu, adding to the app’s global appeal. And when users receive a contact card, they can either save the contact and/or quickly message contact if said-contact is using the app. The aforementioned new features are a first for WhatsApp.

The new update doesn’t come with backup for Google Drive

According to a report from Android Police, the update doesn’t include Google Drive backup. WhatsApp previously confirmed the function would slowly roll out in the upcoming versions, and fans will have to wait a little bit longer for the feature to appear on the official Android app.

The new WhatsApp version was listed as 2.12.250, and it is now available on Google Play.

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