This WhatsApp for iOS 7 Redesign Concept is Stunningly Gorgeous

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WhatsApp has now taken over traditional text messages which were very popular once. The slang has changed from “text me” to “WhatsApp me” and as per the company, there are a whopping 300 million active users on WhatsApp. Yes, it’s that popular.

Now, if you’re a WhatsApp user then you may have noticed that it never updates its user interface. We’re seeing the same interface from a long time ago, and we might get bored looking at it every day. That’s why an Italian graphic designer Edoardo Guido has spent his valuable time in creating a new redesign concept of WhatsApp for iOS 7. The concept covers everything in detail: icon on the homescreen, splash screen, chats list, menu and the conversion view.

So go ahead and feast your eyes on this stunningly gorgeous redesign concept of WhatsApp for iOS 7.

WhatsApp Redesign





Don’t you think that this is a better, cleaner and more beautiful concept? Hope the developer team at WhatsApp takes notice of this concept, for it’s worth it.

Also, let us know what you think about this redesign. Is it a yay or nay?

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