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WhatsApp Down Worldwide: People Go Crazy On Social Media

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WhatsApp down in many countries! Users on social media are reporting that they are unable to receive or send messages. According to the website DownDetector, the Facebook-owned messaging app has been experiencing outages since 3:10 a.m. ET on Friday. Users from multiple countries including Malaysia, Russia, India, Israel, Turkey, Kenya, and many others have taken to social media to complain that the app is not working for them.

WhatsApp down: It appears to be a global server outage

It is most likely a temporary server outage, but people are freaking out on social media. Since WhatsApp is down, many users are forced to use other chat apps. Facebook or WhatsApp are yet to officially comment on the outage.

It’s weird. I too can’t use WhatsApp right now. Closing and re-opening the app didn’t work. But my wife has been chatting on WhatsApp with one of her friends for the last several minutes without any issues. The outage is not affecting everyone. When the affected users open the app, it looks fine. It displays the existing contacts and chats. And then a “connecting” message that refuses to go.

[Update: I’m now able to use WhatsApp both on my mobile and desktop.] But according to DownDetector, the service is still down in most of the Europe, Malaysia, parts of India, the US, Taiwan, China, South Africa, and other countries.

Despite having more than a billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp rarely experiences such outages. The last time it went down was in May. Back then, it had taken the California company several hours to restore the service.

According to DownDetector, about 60% users are facing issues connecting with the service worldwide. Another 25% are having difficulties receiving messages, while 14% users are unable to login.

There are fewer complaints from the Americas, probably because most WhatsApp users in these countries are asleep. They too will freak out if the service isn’t restored by the time they wake up.

Twitter users can’t take it



One WhatsApp user posted on Twitter, “When Whatsapp isn’t working and you have to text someone and not know if they’ve looked at the message or not.” Another said, “I’m such a cliche. Checking twitter to see if #whatsapp is down. It is.”

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