MIT-Sloan Tops List For MBA Comp

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In its latest study, analysed pay data from 10,900 professionals holding an MBA degree to find out which business schools alumni receive the highest pay. Results show that top American universities are by far the best option for professionals looking to boost their career with an MBA, while British and French business schools are some of the best choices in Europe.

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Best paying MBA - Top 20

* Median annual total compensation (salary + bonus)


  • America first : The 11 best paying MBA are from American universities, with MIT's Sloan School of Management alumni earning an eye-watering compensation of $286,000 per year.
  • It's not only where you come from, it's where you go : Apart from their indisputable academic excellence and reputation, US business schools alumni also benefit from the pay premium that comes with working in the USA, where salaries and bonuses are traditionally higher than in Europe, particularly in the very competitive tech and financial services industries.
  • France vs. Britain: Among European business schools, France's INSEAD alumni receive the highest compensation ($185,000). However, with only one university in the top 20, France is underrepresented compared to the UK, which has three business schools in those rankings (Cambridge's Judge business school, London Business School and Oxford's Said business school).

Thomas Drewry, Co-founder at Emolument, said: 'While MBA represent a substantial cost for professionals, their impact on one's earning potential and career is undeniable. All the data shown in these rankings stands way above what the average professional with an undergraduate degree can reasonably expect to earn during his career. With an MBA also comes the less measurable but real benefit of being part of an exclusive network of high-achieving professionals, which comes in handy when looking for a top job or find the perfect co-founder for an ambitious start up.'

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