Westworld Mobile Released On Android, iOS Launch Set For June 21

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If you are a fan of HBO‘s Westworld TV series, you’ll now be able to experience it as a mobile game. Developer Behavior Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Games have launched Westworld Mobile on Android. You can download it right now from the Google Play Store. If you are an iPhone user, Apple’s App Store has confirmed on Twitter that Westworld Mobile will become available on iOS on Thursday, June 21st.

Pre-register for the Westworld Mobile to get extra goodies

The game is coming out as the second season of the Westworld TV show is about to end. The Westworld Mobile will allow fans to keep enjoying the adventure even after the second season is over. You will be playing as a new Delos employee, running the park as you see fit. Locations from the TV show such as Las Mudas, Sweetwater, Abernathy Ranch, and Escalante will also be part of the game.

Interested fans can pre-register for the game on the official website to unlock access to additional features such as extra gems and coins, a crafting pack, and get early access to the host Lawrence. The game opens an additional revenue stream for developers and producers. It brings the Westworld fantasy to the smartphone screen, where you get to keep the park under control.

Warner Bros. Games started working on the Westworld Mobile about two years ago, even before the first season of the TV show premiered. Folks at VentureBeat point out that the game has a different look from the TV show. It’s a “cartoon-style game” that aligns with the timeline of the first season.

As a trainee in the Westworld theme park, you’ll have access to Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS), where you’ll learn how to operate the park, create and evolve Artificially Intelligent Hosts, offer the best service to the human Guests, and try to be the best Delos employee. The trailers give you the Fallout Shelter vibe.

As an employee, you have to match up the Hosts with the right human Guests. Guests arrive in the Westworld theme park by train and you assign them the right Hosts to satisfy their desires. You’ll also be able to use a host code to create new Hosts that start at the Version 1 level. You have to constantly upgrade the Hosts and give them a backstory to make them act more human.

You’ll also have to be careful that the Hosts don’t malfunction and end up harming their human Guests. You have to monitor them continuously for glitches. The narrative becomes more dangerous as the Guest strays further away from the center. The Guests will pay you depending on their happiness score. If the Guest somehow damages or kills the Host, you can take the Hosts for self-analysis as many as three times a day.

Jonathan Knight, VP of Warner Bros. Games, told VentureBeat that the TV show could run for many reasons. The developer wants the game to last for many years. It will help “broaden the appeal of the show.”

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