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This Week’s Best Investing Reads – Curated Links

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

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Cutting Off You Nose To Spite Your Face - Abnormal Returns

PPT and the "God of the Gaps" - The Reformed Broker

Chris Mayer on 100-Baggers - MicroCapClub

Are You Really Crazy Enough To Buy A Quadruple-Leveraged ETF - Jason Zweig

Mohnish Pabrai: Think Differently to Achieve Different Results - Base Hit Investing

No? Or Yes, Yes? - Meb Faber

Watch Bill Ackman’s Full Presentation From The 2017 Sohn Investment Conference - ValueWalk

The Qualities of a Good Analyst; 100-1 Masterclass - csinvesting

Bad Experiences - Morgan Housel

The Art of Asset Allocation, with David Salem – [Invest Like the Best, EP.38] - The Investor's Field Guide

10 Insights From The Berkshire Hathaway Weekend - Behavioral Value Investor

Latticework of Mental Models: Decision Fatigue - Safal Niveshak

Worried About A Stock Market Crash? Here’s How You Can ‘Tail Hedge’ Your Portfolio - The Felder Report

Valuation and Investment Analysis - Bronte Capital

Find Out Which Stocks Hedge Funds Have Been Buying: New Issue Just Released - Market Folly

EBITDA and Gross Profits: Learn to Move Up the Income Statement - Focused Compounding

TIP139: Jim Rogers – Macro, Gold, Junk Bonds, India & Currencies - The Investors Podcast

Other News:

Whitney Tilson's Take on Berkshire's Annual Meeting - Yahoo Finance

Mean Reversion Strategy: Bet Against It At Your Peril - Advisor Perspectives

Tips From A Value Investing Legend - MoneySense

How To Become A Great Value Investor - US News

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