Website Announcement

Website Announcement

I am sorry for the decrease in the amount of articles I have been posting. I have several plans for the site which will hopefully increase the amount of quality content, and the overall design. Details will follow.

In the meantime I wanted to let the readers know about two features which I have not publicized on this site (not for any particular reason, I just never got around to it). I have a Scribd account which can be found at the following link , I post a lot of interesting value investing documents (shareholder letters from some top value funds, speeches, stock presentations etc.) on the site which do not appear on Value Walk. You might want to check it out. Obviously all the content on Scribd is free.

Additionally, I also have a Facebook group (called Value Walk) where you can subscribe to the Value Walk feed, and I post links of interest it is similar to my twitter account but there are plenty of differences. Here is the link for anyone interested- (the group is open to everyone!)

Q3 2022 Hedge Fund Letters Database Now Live!

reports 1660232581Q3 2022 hedge fund letters database is now up. See what stocks top hedge funds are selling, what they are buying, what positions they are hiring for, what their investment process is, their returns and much more! This page is updated frequently, VERY FREQUENTLY, daily, or sometimes multiple times a day. As we get new Read More


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