Power Lunch With Warren Buffett: eBay Auction Starts May 31

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The auction for the 16th Annual eBay Power Lunch with Warren Buffett will start on May 31 until June 5, according to GLIDE, a charity organization based in San Francisco.

Buffett hosts one charity lunch every year for the benefit of GLIDE. Over the past 16 years, the legendary investor and philanthropist sustained its commitment to the organization, which is focused on helping the needy residents of San Francisco. GLIDE already raised almost $18 million from the annual charity lunch with Buffett.

Buffett inspires others to help

In a statement, GLIDE co-founder Cecil William said, “This auction has empowered and inspired many people. Mr. Buffett has extended GLIDE’s legacy of unconditional love and acceptance.”

Williams added that the charity lunch with Buffett is a creative, innovative, and unique way to inspire others see, give and connect with the humanity that perhaps are invisible to them.

GLIDE co-founder Janice Mirikinita added, “We are profoundly moved by the generosity of all the bidders and Warren Buffett’s commitment to our neighborhood and community. The divides are getting bigger between the haves and have-nots. Mr. Buffett inspires others who have the means to help bridge that divide – and every person who is involved is a pillar of that bridge.”

Buffett says GLIDE donors get their money’s worth

Buffett said GLIDE helped him understand the extent of transforming a life through unconditional love and some real material help.

“Nobody who’s donated to GLIDE has ever felt shortchanged. They always get their money’s worth,” added Buffett. Ted Weschler won the charity lunch auction in 2010 with a bid of $2.6 million.

The late Susan Buffett, who had a strong affinity for GLIDE created the Annual Warren Buffett Lunch Charity Auction in 2000 to provide dignity and opportunity for people regardless of their income, gender, religion, political affiliation etc.

The winning bidder will have the opportunity to the legendary investor for lunch at Smith & Wollensky in New York. The winning bids ranged from $25,000 to $3,456,789 over the past 15 years. Last year, the auction brought in $2,166,766. All the money generated from the auction went directly to GLIDE to support its programs.

According to GLIDE, the auction for the Power Lunch with Warren Buffett offers bidders an opportunity to become part of the country’s most respected philanthropies and leave a legacy of generosity.

The auction is conducted by eBay, a proud partner and supporter of GLIDE’s mission of helping the needy residents of San Francisco.

Claire Nixon, vice president of Global Communications at eBay said, “eBay is committed to building a future that enables and inspires charitable giving at scale and is grounded in what the company does best – technology enabled commerce. Last year alone, we helped charities raise $91.6 million.”

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