Walmart Exceeds Expectations: Q1 Revenue Hits $161.51 Billion, EPS Climbs to $0.60

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Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) exceeded analyst forecasts in the first quarter of fiscal year 2024, kicking things off on a positive note. The retail behemoth revealed results that were 15.38% more than expected, with profits per share reaching $0.60 as opposed to $0.52. This impressive financial performance was highlighted by a notable rise in revenue, which came in at $161.51 billion, 1.26% more than anticipated.

Walmart has positively raised its full-year expectations in response to these outstanding results, indicating confidence in its continued growth and profitability. The main drivers of Walmart’s outstanding quarter will be examined in this piece, along with the implications for the company’s future growth trajectory.

Current Quarter’s Performance

Walmart just released its quarterly report, which shows impressive financial results that far above expert expectations. Earnings per share were $0.60 for the corporation, 15.38% more than anticipated ($0.52). Furthermore, Walmart’s sales of $161.51 billion exceeded forecasts by 1.26%, so reinforcing its dominant position in the retail sector.

Walmart’s remarkable quarterly performance is largely due to its ability to draw in affluent customers who are drawn to its extensive product selection and cheap pricing, especially amidst a volatile economic environment. In addition, Walmart reported a 22% increase in online sales in the US. This increase is a sign of a larger trend in customer preferences toward online ordering and delivery, which is being fueled by the pandemic and a persistent need for convenience and speed.

John David Rainey, Walmart’s CFO, pointed out several economic factors bolstering Walmart’s performance. He emphasized the cost advantages of home cooking over dining out, stating, “The gap between the price of cooking at home and eating out is helping to boost our grocery business.” This comment highlights Walmart’s strategic positioning to offer value to consumers seeking to stretch their budgets.

This strategic pivot is not simply a reaction to current economic conditions but a proactive adaptation to shifting consumer behaviors. The increase in both in-store and online customer interactions shows Walmart’s successful alignment with these changing preferences, making it a preferred retailer for a broad spectrum of consumers. Walmart’s ongoing efforts to enhance customer experiences and expand service accessibility are crucial for its sustained growth and market dominance.

Guidance and Stock Price Analysis

Following a robust performance in the first quarter, Walmart has updated its full-year guidance with an optimistic outlook, projecting net sales growth to reach the upper end or even slightly exceed its initial forecast of 3% to 4%. The company also anticipates that adjusted earnings per share will top the early estimates of $2.23 to $2.37. This positive revision highlights Walmart’s strong strategic and operational capabilities, boosting investor confidence in its financial path forward

The financial community responded favorably to Walmart’s earnings disclosure and the revised guidance, evidenced by a notable rally in its stock price. On the announcement day, Walmart’s shares hit a record high, climbing about 7%. This increase signifies strong market approval of Walmart’s recent performance and its strategic outlook.

On the strategic front, Walmart is actively pursuing initiatives to drive and sustain growth. The business has made notable progress abroad, particularly in its Walmart International division, which grew by more than 12%. Additionally, a 22% increase in online sales in the US shows that Walmart is still a leader in e-commerce and that it is capable of quickly adjusting to the fast evolving digital retail landscape.

Alongside its core retail operations, Walmart is broadening its financial channels through enhanced focus on advertising and subscription services. This quarter, the company’s advertising sector witnessed a substantial 24% growth, and the Walmart+ membership program has been effective in strengthening customer loyalty and providing consistent revenue. These initiatives tap into Walmart’s extensive customer network and leverage emerging market trends and technologies to enhance profitability.

These strategic initiatives are vital for Walmart as it seeks to not only bolster its primary retail operations but also expand its influence in digital commerce and other profitable sectors. Through this comprehensive strategy, Walmart aims to solidify its role as a leading force in the retail industry and continue advancing.


Walmart’s impressive start to fiscal 2024 showcases its agility and strategic insight, surpassing earnings expectations and updating its annual forecasts. This strong performance strengthens investor confidence and reinforces Walmart’s position in the market.

The company is broadening its revenue sources by boosting e-commerce, expanding internationally, and investing in advertising and subscription services. These initiatives are vital for Walmart to remain competitive in a retail environment that’s increasingly influenced by digital trends and consumer interaction.

Looking ahead, Walmart is poised for ongoing success. Its dedication to innovation and meeting consumer demands keeps it at the forefront of the retail industry. With a solid financial base and strategic flexibility, Walmart is equipped to continue its growth.